Vern600H After eight years, Eternally Yours has expanded its creative horizon with KAWAN Creative International and their directors, Sue and Aziz. It’s a partnership that is made more fabulous by the merging of both companies’ teams of imaginative and meticulous professionals who have your event’s success at heart.

“Aziz and I go way back to when we first worked together on Under One Roof! He’s a friend who’s been there for me for the best and very importantly during the toughest of times. Aziz is someone who values and understands what friendship is about, is a colleague who works tirelessly to get the job done well, and lights up the room with his infectious laughter and humor wherever he goes! I’m proud to be partners with him in business as well as in friendship!

And Sue and I go even further back! We were partners when we were little girls, training under the supervision of my Dad for horseback riding! I’m incredibly proud to be working with Sue. She is such a passionate lady who brings warmth into every room she enters, professionalism in every event, and a sense of quality that is never compromised.”

Vernetta Lopez

Sue Sue has been an event specialist with KAWAN Creative International since 1998 and has helmed prestigious events with international clienteles. Her experience has now expanded into the softer side of events with Asmara by EY, our Malay-Muslim wedding planning arm of Eternally Yours.

“There is a more personal element with regards to weddings. The soft hues of ivory and white satin, together with the union of two people who want to celebrate their big day in a unique and romantic way, are what inspire me to create weddings that truly make a couple’s day special and beautiful! Working with Vernetta is an extension of our friendship and it’s fantastic to work with someone who shares the same passion as me!”

Sue Yusoff

aziz mohammad Aziz is the founder of KAWAN Creative International, a company head-quartered in Singapore that was set up in 1997, with branches reaching China, Malaysia and Indonesia. He has been in the events industry for over 25 years, with many successful international events under his belt.

“Having managed many corporate events, I feel that weddings are an integral part of the events industry. It is an inspiration to be working with two passionate and determined ladies, Vernetta and Sue, whom I’ve known for many years. I could not have asked for a better team in Eternally Yours.”

Aziz Mohammad


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